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I want to Vote!

Asher Smus
Shmuli grossberger
Benjamin & Giuseppe
Michael Dahan
Yitzi Katz
  • Wow Amaning

    Thnx for that

  • Dudi levin

    Thanks Tzvaim

  • Dovid Trepp

    Am Israel Chai! Am Israel Chai!! Am Israel Chai!!!

  • Family David

    So proud of you Yitzi
    A well deserved winner! Love from the Davids

  • Aaron Dempsey

    This is the real Aaron Dempsey I did not write that horrible comment below so shame on whoever did it

  • Bryna Gardner

    Well done Yitzi ;)))

  • Fam Patashnik


  • Eli cope

    Get in yitzi
    Nice one yitz

  • Debbie Tenenblat

    Go to Michael!!!??? you are the best!!!!!

  • Eli cope and class

    Wow well done yitzi we all new you will win the hole class is celebrating wow you did it will done

  • Avremi chayne

    wwwChanuka. global

  • Happy Chanukah!


  • Mark Block

    Happy Chanukah

  • shula

    what is the webiste for the globe

  • Lelli

    Nice one Yitzy

  • janit family

    well done!!
    happy chanuka!!!!

  • trump

    you should win shmuli

  • super

    yay ? yitzi

  • yehuda joseph

    Well done shmuli happy chanuka

  • The queen

    Shmuly should have won

  • avi weissbraun

    i want it

  • marsha franks

    well done everyone


    WELL DONE YITZI!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Family Rodal

    well done!!!!!!

  • Aaron Dempsey

    Yitzy won

  • simcha and avi


  • Aaron Dempsey

    Yitzy one

  • Aaron Dempsey

    Get in yitzy

  • Aaron Dempsey

    I think yitzy

  • Avi Strom

    Who won

  • chayale Nyman

    Well done Yitzi!!!

  • Yitzi

    Thank you

  • a fan of yitzy

    wahoo go yitzy

  • Family Menczer

    Wow well done

  • moishy heimann

    well done shmuli

  • philp


  • Mrs DC

    Beautiful menorahs! Well done everyone!

  • Family Mechlowitz

    Amazing Asher ! Good luck

  • Aaron Dempsey

    Yay yitzi


    WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Kaufman

    Vote yitzi or I will hunt you down also when is nissim black

  • Aryeh weinstein


  • tilles


  • Anonymousgghh

    Well done amazing menorah

  • avi weissbraun

    yitzi dont forget to invite me

  • Yana Dvorkin

    Love all the menorahs! Well done to all the talented children! Yitzi's menorah is the prettiest though. Go Yitzi!

  • Aaron Dempsey

    Cmon yitzy

  • Eli coen

    Good lock

  • avi weissbraun

    i voted on another device

  • The top judge

    Vote Yitzy

  • Rachel Coleman

    Yitzi, awesome design. Chanukah Sameach and good luck.

  • Kaufmans down the road

    Yitzi yitzi yitzi yitzi yitzi yitzi

  • Brackman Family


  • super

    go yitzy

  • Jeff bezos

    Happy hannukah

  • Aaron Dempsey

    Everyone vote yitzy

  • Aaron Dempsey

    Go yitzy

  • Shulman family

    Well done on all the amazing Menorahs!


    When is nissim black?

  • Lois gilbert

    Vote for Asher Smus !!!!!!!!

  • Gabriel

    Vote Micheal

  • Aaron Dempsey

    Cmon yitzi

  • simcha and avi

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase win yitzi

  • Emmanuel Macron

    Well done guys!! Amazing

  • That guy (the 1 no one knows)

    Honestly, u guys shud all be learning a shtikele tosafos instead of hallucinating about a ps5

  • Smus' golders green xx

    Routing for our Manchester branch!!
    Fabulous job asher. Kol hakavod

  • simcha and avi

    ps5 coming

  • Family Rosen

    Hatslocha Shmuli !!

  • Meir N Shua

    amazing menorah Ps5 coming yr way and you deserve it!!!!

  • Mason fam

    Vote 4 Asher smuss every1 from BJCFPS

  • Ira Goronok

    B&G!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!!!

  • nochum

    go: go: benjhamin & jhuipssi

  • Chaya Rochel Kaufman

    Vote yitzi katz (5)

  • Milky&Ivan

    Michael. Yours is a Amazing

  • moishy heimann

    go shmuli you can do this

  • Carl Harrison

    Happy Chanukah From the City of YORK UK

  • Lyndsey

    Go Asher!!! Fantastic work! ?

  • Boris Johnson

    I'M A FAN OF SHMULI!!!!!!!

  • Candice

    Wasn’t that Jonathan Goldstein not Freedman?

  • Emilia

    Go Benjamin and giuseppe!!!!!!!

  • The king

    Go yitzy

  • The Queen

    Wow such nice Jewish stuff. From your royal highness

  • Rosy ko

    they sing coz they CAN!!!!!!

  • Shlomo laine

    Very nice

  • Joey nyman

    Vote for Michal! Vote for Michal! Vote for Michal

  • Pinks Leeds

    They are all amazing!

  • Lasko

    Go Michael!! ???????

  • rivka

    beautiful menorahs
    well done!!

  • Boris Johnson


  • Rachel Shababo

    Go Michael – it’s awesome!

  • simcha

    i voted 2

  • Joey nyman

    VOTE FOR MICHAL DAHAN!!!! HIS REALLY COOL HANUKIA VOTE FOR HIM????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Sammy Mac

    Well done to all

  • Aaron Dempsey

    I voted on 4 as well

  • simcha


  • avi weissbraun

    i voted on 4 devices yitzi

  • Zara Landesberg

    Michael I love your menorah !! It’s so cool !!! VOTE MICHAEL !!!!!!

  • simi hasley

    all beautiful
    such a hard decision

  • Yossi kaufman

    Yitzi should win go yitzi

  • Mandy lawton

    Amazing Asher love the Lawton’s xx

  • Aaron Dempsey


  • Tanya Nyman

    Go Michael!!!!!

  • other

    what is the voting for?

  • Danny Dahan

    VOTE MICHAEL!!!!!!

  • Yossi Kaufman


  • Tanya Dahan

    Go Michael

  • Brackman Family


  • Aaron Dempsey

    Yitzy Katz the new owner of the ps5

  • Joey nyman

    Vote for Michal

  • naomi guttentag

    well done yitzy…were banking on you

  • Aaron Mozes

    GO YITZI!!!

  • Zack cohen

    good luck ????????

  • avi weissbraun

    vote yitzi everyone

  • Zevi Frenkel

    Shmulli, you must win!

  • martine

    wow asher. Looks fab

  • Aaron Dempsey


  • avi weissbraun

    yitzi has won

  • Aaron Dempsey

    Hi avi

  • avi weissbraun

    hi dempsey

  • Aaron Dempsey

    Yitzy u can do itttttttttttt

  • avi weissbraun

    come on yitzi

  • רועי ושרה

    חנכה שמח מאפרת

  • andrew addleman

    Nice pipes Asher

  • Avi menczer

    Go shmuli !

  • abraham jacobson

    Asher is King

  • D Trump

    Loving it!!

  • Joey nyman

    Very good song

  • From your Sinitsky cousins

    Well done Yitzii Katz for your fabulous menorah! Hope you win!

  • me!!!!

    vote for Yitzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • avi frickers

    yitzi come on

  • Family G

    Well done all finalists

  • Fam Green

    \You can do it Yitzi

  • avi weissbraun your class mate

    rebbe hassel u need to give a lot of green cards

  • Uriel Hirsch

    WOW!!! there amazing

  • Shalom

    Happy Chanukah from St.Annes

  • The BEST

    go shmuli grossberger

  • your class mate akiva halpern

    well done keep it up

  • Yossi Kaufman

    Rabbi Hassell, 7S need lots of green cards please!

  • yehuda joseph

    Weĺlllllllllllllllllllllll done shmuli

  • Joanna

    You are all winners in the menorah competition.

  • a fan


  • Your neighbour and classmate Dovi

    Go yitzi

  • Aaron dempsey

    Go Yitzy

  • Booba Glick

    Well done Asher! We are very proud of you and your fantastic Menorah – good luck!
    Lots of love, Auntie Judy and Susan

  • From his classmate simcha cohen

    Go yitzy

  • Daniel

    Kol Hakavod!


    VOTE 3 VOTE 3 VOTE 3 VOTE 3!!!!!!

  • fam stern

    go yitzi! from a clssmate.

  • Yedidya C

    Well done Yitzy

  • Shushi

    Yitzis got talent!!

  • Chaya Rochel Kaufman

    Rabbi Hassel
    Give yossi kaufman an extra green card

  • Terry Jackson

    looks great Asher!

  • avi weissbraun

    come on yitzi

  • Daniel

    Is Yitzhok's menorah kosher?

  • Eli Cope class mate

    I voted go yitzi !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cardiff United Synagogue.

    Cardiff …… Wales’s only shul that was open all through this pandemic .

  • Love the Menczer’s

    Well done Asher !!

  • Joanna

    Hi from prestwich

    Joanna and matt gardnerx

  • Noa and Avital

    Good luck asher xx

  • Bright family

    Hello from Bushey UK! Fantastic!

  • Shloimi

    I can't connect

  • love the artmanns

    go shmuli!!

  • eli.tabor

    good luck asher


    GooD LOOK shmuli

  • Ana Paula Tommasini

    Kisses from Brazil. Lov U Benjamin & Giuseppe!!!!

  • Zwi Kornfein

    Go Shmuli you are the best
    From your Family in Switzerland

  • Shmulik Bandalovski

    Who bought Margate Shul?

  • Molly Krug

    Devine. Thank You for Brightening Our Jewish Heritage on This Besutiful Chanukah

  • Jeremy Corbyn

    Great multicultural presentation of the diversity of our country and the beautiful Jewish culture.

  • Janet Munro

    Good Luck Asher Form Bury

  • Gloria

    Chabad Southgate the best!!!!!!

  • Liz Harris

    I don,t have a picture only sound. What do I do?

  • Martin and Lone Stern

    Happy to take part from Jerusalem….

  • Ana Cardiff uk

    Love you all at Chabad,thank you

  • thank you

    Go Chabad Finchley!

  • Tammer family

    Excellent !

  • An appreciative family

    We love Chabad NW6!

  • The Eke's

    Wow they all look amazing

  • Janey and alan semp and family x

    Good luck Asher xx

  • Plainer Family

    Terrific! Well done all at Chabad.

  • Diane Lazarus

    You do such wonderful work

  • Naftoli

    Good luck Yitzi, hope you win!!

  • Dogs and


  • Uri Smus

    Good luck Asher. Hatzlocho Rabboh! Wonderful menorah and nice picture. Lichtigeh Chanukah. Uncle Uri

  • Angela

    Go Asher. Manchester is behind you xx

  • Simmy

    We can't hear anything at all and we are on the highest volume….

  • Ana Paula

    Good luck Benjamin and Giuseppe, Lov U

  • Yosef

    Go Uo Leeds!

  • Diamond family

    Hi from Bushey, UK!

  • Eleanor

    Is it possible to make it louder? We are on max volume and it is quite quiet. Thanks!
    Happy Chanukah

  • Eli and Devorah

    Go on Shmuli!!

  • Nicola Dooley

    Good luck Asher ?

  • Mike Stern

    Mirvis is NOT WELCOME

  • avi weissbraun

    COME ON YITZI FROM AVI AND SIMCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joanna

    has it started

  • elisheva

    happy chanukah!!!

  • eli krausz

    Has it started yet?

  • Family Hirsch

    Go Yitsy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • מגניב!!

    לא הבנתי על מה ההצבעה??

  • Michelle Katz

    Go Yitzi. rooting for you.

  • joe biden

    hi boris

  • Marsha Franks

    Good luck everyone. Extra special luck to my FANTASTIC GRANDSON ASHER

  • Rachel

    No music?

  • The Weissbraun’s

    Go Yitsy!!! Hope you win

  • his best friend

    well done vote yitzy katz

  • Trump

    Love it



  • someone


  • boris jonson

    verry good

  • annoymous


  • Boaz Goldberg

    Beautiful Michael!!!!!
    Go Michael Go!!!

  • D Cohen


  • Dani levi


על האירוע

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